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    Natural, Art of Nature, Children and Youngsters, Hannu Hautala - My Kuusamo 150 Years and Instagram #luonnonkoordinaatit

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 Kuusamo XXIII Nature Photo

Nature Photo Festival 6-9 Sep 2018

Kuusamo Nature Photo Festival is a nature photography event that is well-known nationwide in Finland. Organised annually since 1996, the festival has solidified its position as one of the most important events in the field of nature photography.

The festival is located in the Culture and Congress Centre Kuusamo Hall, where the 500-seat Oulanka Hall offers an excellent setting for the event presentations. The festival takes place in September, when nature is displayed in the full blaze of autumn colors. In addition to the festival, visitors and other tourists can enjoy wonderful seasonal experiences ranging from the autumn colors to the northern lights. The event is organized by Kuusamo Town Culture Services and the artistic director of the event is Lassi Rautiainen. In 2018, Kuusamo Town celebrates its 150th anniversary and the jubilee year is reflected in the Kuusamo Nature Photo event.  

 Kuusamo XXIII Nature Photo

Nature Photo Competition 1 May - 30 Jun 2018

The competition is open to everyone. Previously published pictures as well as pictures which have been submitted to other competitions both home and abroad are accepted. The photographer confirms that the photographs are his/her original work and he/she is the sole owner of all the rights of the photographs. If there are identifiable people in the photographs, the photographer has to have their permission to publish the photographs.

Submissions to the competition must be sent online in digital format. A maximum of four (4) entries can be submitted into each category. Detailed rules can be found under each category.

The awarded pictures will form an exhibition which will be on display at Kuusamo Hall during 7-28 Sep 2018.

Competition #luonnon­koordinaatit

Participation in the competition is done via Instagram by tagging the uploaded photographs and videos with the tag #luonnonkoordinaatit


@ Kuusamo Nature Photo

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