Kuusamo XXIV Nature Photo Festival


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Paavo Hamunen

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Hannu Hautala

Hannu Hautala has had a long and meritorious career as the pioneer of Finnish nature photography. He is Finland's best-known and most award-winning nature photographer. He is the author of more than 50 books, Pro-Finlandia medalist, and Honorary Doctor of the University of Oulu. He is known as an open-minded experimenter with vast knowledge and experience. He continues to photograph on film.

Ohtonen Kimmo

is a Finnish journalist, writer, nature photographer and TV personality. Most Finnish people know him from his appearances on many nature programs broadcasted by the Finnish public broadcasting company Yle, and from his charity fundraising efforts. In 2016, Kimmo's six-part documentary series Saving the Nordic Nature gained international recognition. The series shed light on issues such as global warming and the effects of it on the Polar region and its inhabitants. Kimmo also has a personal presentation at the event.

Rautiainen Lassi

is the founder of Kuusamo Nature Photo and has worked as its artistic director for years, first 1996-2010 and then 2016-2018. He is a Finnish wildlife photograper and a pioneer of photography tourism, as well as an author of about 30 books. His company Wildlife Safaris Finland has a base camp Kuikka in Kuhmo and 22 hides for viewing and photographing animals. Also in Kuusamo in Oulanka he has had an eagle hide since 1999.


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