A Hannu Hautala Prize

Images of all natural phenomena (landscapes, plants, birds, mammals, etc.) can be submitted to this category. However, the image entered to this category should be as natural as possible and truthfully express and interpret the mood and atmosphere of the depicted moment.

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B Art of Nature

You can submit any pictures of nature to this category. The image should be one file produced by the camera, for example, HDR, focus stacking, multiple exposure, or an image produced by intentional camera movement.

The jury will focus on open-minded vision, impressions the picture conveys, creative vision, and visual aesthetics. Digitally manipulated photos are not eligible.

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D Instagram - #coordinatesofnature

Entries competing in this category are images that reflect the spirit of nature at Ruka-Kuusamo area. The images are published in the social media service Instagram. The images must be taken in the Kuusamo area. The hashtags for entries are #coordinatesofnature and #kuusamonaturephoto20. In this category, a mere close-up of an animal or bird will not be a strong competitor. An impressive, creative image will finish first in this game.

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