C Children and Youngsters

Any images of nature are eligible in this category, including digitally manipulated images. 
The upper age limit is 16 years. There is no lower age limit.


Image uploading: The entries to this category are submitted via the social media service Instagram. The hashtags for competition entries are #ksnature, #koillissanomat and #kuusamonaturephoto20.

Organiser of category: The competition in this category is organised by the newspaper Koillissanomat.

Competition period: 1 May-26 Aug 2020.

Images entered to the comptetition or their rights will not be sold to a third party, nor will the images be used commercially without a separate consent from the photographer.

Prizes: In this category, six best images will be awarded. The first prize is 300 euros.

Selection of winners: The winner will be selected by a jury appointed by Koillissanomat.

More information: Koillissanomat, journalist Kaisa Vänskä kaisa.vanska@koillissanomat.fi or photographer Mikko Halvari mikko.halvari@koillissanomat.fi.




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