The competition is open to everyone, and previously published pictures as well as pictures which have been submitted to other competitions are accepted.  The photographer confirms that the photographs are his/her original work and he/she is the sole owner of all the rights of the photographs.  If there are identifiable people in the pictures, the photographer has to have their permission to publish them.  

You can upload your images during 1 May - 10 July 2019 (at 23:59).    

Detailed rules can be found under each category. The awarded pictures will form an exhibition which will be shown at Kuusamo Hall 13.30. September 2019 and later will tour in different nature centres run by Metsähallitus.

Submissions to the competition must be sent in digital format online.  A maximum of five (5) entries can be entered into each category. 


Category A:  Natural

You can submit pictures of all natural phenomena (landscapes, plants, birds, mammals etc.) in this category.

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Category B: Art of Nature

You can submit any pictures of nature in this category. The picture should be one file produced by the camera, for example, HDR, multiple exposure, or an image produced by intentional camera movement.  The jury will focus on open-minded vision, impressions the picture conveys, creative vision, and visual aesthetics. Digitally manipulated photos are not permitted.  

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Category C: Children and Youngsters

You can submit any pictures of nature in this category.  Image manipulation is allowed.   The upper age limit is 16 years old (if you turn 16 during the year of the competition). There is no lower age limit.     

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Category D: Instagram #luonnonkoordinaatit

Participation in the competition is done via Instagram by tagging the photographs and videos uploaded to the service with the tag "#luonnonkoordinaatit". 

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Image specifications

Only basic image editing is allowed in all categories (cropping, sharpening, adjustments of tonal values, moderate partial adjustments of the picture, removal of sensor dust and noise reduction etc).  The picture can be converted into black and white or colour-toned.  Making panoramas, HDR, and focus stacking is permitted in landscape pictures.  The competition picture in this category should, however, be as natural as possible and truthfully interpret and represent the atmosphere and situation of when the picture was taken. Max file size 3 Mb.

The format of the picture is free.           

You cannot participate in the competition with manipulated photos! Does not apply the Children and Youngsters category.

Participation fee


NB!: Category C and D are free of charge.


The participation fees should be paid before the end of competitionnto the following account: 

Danske bank
Beneficiary: City of Kuusamo
IBAN: FI56 8000 1800 8610 16
Reference number / message to beneficiary: Nature Photo/nature photo competition + participant’s name 

File size, file naming and data transfer

File size of the pictures: To participate in any category in the competition, you must submit digital files (jpg files) of the highest possible quality.  The largest size of each image must be 1920 pixels (width or height).  The files can even be digital files from slides or negatives.  A maximum of five (5) entries can be sent into each category.  Submissions to the competition must only be sent in digital format online. Attention! 

File naming: category.number of of picture.alias of photographer.jpg  (A.1.otter.gyrogearloose.jpg).(NB! You cannot add numbers after the .jgp extension). The photographer’s name, e-mail address and phone number should be added in the metadata of each file.   


The website will closed on 10 July 2019 at 23:59. 

Note: category C and D are free of charge!

Original files

You do not need to send original files when entering the competition.  All the awarded photographers will be asked to send the original photo/original file in the beginning of August, in week 31 at the latest.  The original file has to be sent to the jury within a week of the request.  The original file is the original untouched camera file: RAW, DNG, CR2, NEF, TIF, etc.  In scans of slides and negatives the original file is a scan or negative.  

In category C Children and Youngsters, you do not need to send the original files.


Categories A and B: Olli Lamminsalo (Chairman), Paavo Hamunen and Mika Honkalinna. 

Category C: The jury of the local newspaper Koillissanomat will choose ten best pictures, and the pictures will be published in Koillissanomat several times. The readers can vote for their favourite.   

By entering the competition, a photographer agrees to follow the competition rules. The jury can disqualify a picture that breaks the rules even after the selection and announcement of the winning images. The jury’s decisions will be final.   


The results will be announced and the best pictures awarded at Kuusamo Hall on 13 Sep 2019 at 16.00.

The organizers’ property rights of the pictures

The organizers of the competition have the right to use the awarded pictures free of charge for the purpose of news coverage of Kuusamo Nature Photo and in marketing in both print and electronic media as well as in the touring exhibition presenting the results of the competition.  In addition to that, Kuusamo Nature Photo may show free of charge non-awarded photos in a multimedia presentation about the competition, which will be shown when the winners are announced at Kuusamo Hall.       

The results of the competition and the winning pictures will be published on Kuusamo Nature Photo’s website and on social media as well as in newspapers and their websites and in different news channels.   

Competition pictures and their rights will not be sold to a third party and the pictures will not be used commercially without the photographer’s consent.   

The results will be announced at the same time on our website well as on social media and other media. 


@ Kuusamo Nature Photo

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